EFT in Baltimore, MD

Through combining group fitness and tourism, our mission is to provide the fit traveler an unforgettable workout from a cultural perspective. Not only will our elite trainers take you on a tour through some of Baltimore’s most renowned historical destinations, we will also provide support, accountability, and structure to your workout regimen.

EFT is also a great way to meet like-minded and like-motivated individuals who share common goals and interests— a great motivator to work hard through class.

Elite Fitness ToursGain enhanced insight into body weight resistance training, a personalized exercise program designed to be implemented in any outdoor/indoor setting, and a taste of Baltimore’s inner-city ambiance (rivaled only by our legendary crab cakes!).

Our initial selection of fitness tours will take you through the following Baltimore neighborhoods:

  • Inner Harbor
  • Federal Hill
  • Mount Vernon

Session Packages

Inner Harbor Group X

Join us for a muscle blasting, heart thumping group exercise course led by our Elite Fitness Instructor and designed to increase total body strength, caloric expenditure, and cardiovascular endurance. Enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful Inner Harbor while getting in shape!
• Duration: 45-60 min.

Elite Fitness Tour: Inner Harbor, Federal Hill, Mount Vernon

Elite Fitness Tour offers a unique exercise experience where participants can simultaneously explore local landmarks while getting their workouts. Each destination presents a different challenge, combining cardio, strength, and team leadership to persevere through the course. It’s the perfect way to explore, learn, and get fit all at once!
• Duration: 60 min.
• Distance: 3 miles

Harbor View Yoga with Erica

Come join us on your lunch break to stretch out those stiff muscles and take in a breathtakingly beautiful view of downtown Baltimore and the Inner Harbor.  Whether it’s a mid-day break from a demanding work schedule or simply self-reflection, Harbor View Yoga will offer you a truly satisfying peace of mind.
• Duration: 45 – 60 min.

Elite Fitness Tour and Harbor View Yoga with Erica

Looking for a challenge? Through combining the Elite Fitness Tour with Harbor View Yoga, you get the benefits of cardiovascular endurance and total body strength conditioning in addition to healthy joints and flexibility. Challenge yourself, sign-up today and live for fitness!
• Duration: 90 – 120 min.
Requirement: Yoga mat and exercise apparel

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Where to Meet

All tours begin in front of the Baltimore Visitor Center at 401 Light St. Proceed to West Shore Park located between the Visitor Center and Science Center at the specified tour time. Look for the large lawn and yellow umbrellas within the picnic area of the park.

Scheduling Policies

  • Client Scheduling Policy: How far in advance can clients book their online appointments? 90 Days
  • Client Lead Time: How much lead time do you require when clients book online? 5 days
  • Cancellation Policy: How close to start time can clients cancel their appointments online? 7 Days